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Three Battalions
2024-03-27 15:23  

The film is based on true events, originally in"NetEase human Studio", the original by Deep Blue, titled "Please tell the Director, the task of the three brigade completed"。The film tells the story of the criminal investigation team captain Cheng Bing (Zhang Yi is acted the role of) led by the three brigade in handling a vicious case in the process of causing one of the suspects to die accidentally, was sentenced to prison, after being released from prison still insist on tracking suspects on the run as ordinary people。  

There is a line in the film of the Three Brigades that I feel the most: Buddha said that self-attachment is the root of all suffering。In our life, we have many bad memories that we can't let go. In the face of these, we only have full permission and acceptance to truly treat ourselves and life well。

The Three Groups is a very deep film, each member of the three groups is a hero, they punish evil and promote good, is the light of the city, is the national honor, is the daily life of the people in the protection god。And these heroes in order to judge the sinner, a careless but become a prisoner, treason, once fell to the bottom, absurd life, laughing at themselves, the murderer is at large。

The most moving thing is that Cheng Bing insisted on looking for the end, from the beginning of the spirit to the panic, always the same is the firm;From the search regardless of identity and circumstances to the helplessness in a trance to the trembling of the truth, his spirit perfectly mirrored that sentence"But there will always be people in this world who keep going against the tide."。

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