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Our school won the first prize in Jilin Province college students' Mental health knowledge finals
2024-06-25 17:54  

Recently, Jilin University students' mental health knowledge finals came to a successful conclusion。The competition, sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, attracted 56 universities from across the province。After the preliminary round of the school competition and the provincial round of the final selection, there are 27 teams from the province's universities successfully shortlisted for the final。After fierce competition, the "East Electric Team" composed of Yu Xinyu and Zhang Jijun from Class 221 of Ma Yan and Shi Shuaikui from Class 211 of Sijiao won the first prize (9 groups in the province), and Zhang Fuxu from the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center won the title of "Excellent Instructor"。

Award the first prize

After receiving the notice of the competition, our school attached great importance to the competition and took active preparation measures。The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center not only actively mobilized students to participate in the competition, but also provided a wealth of books and online resources, and sent teachers Zhang Fuxu and Zhao Bohan to explain the mental health knowledge to the students。Although the preparation time is less than one month, the participating teams have invested in the preparation with great enthusiasm and perseverance。They studied the books carefully, practiced the problems in depth, sorted out the wrong problem sets, and actively exchanged problem-solving skills within the team, and actively sought help from the teacher when they encountered problems. Every step was devoted to the team's blood and sweat。

Team photo

In the course of the competition, the participants in our school showed a high psychological quality and adaptability。Whether in written tests, questions and answers, quick answers or case studies, they are able to flexibly respond to various questions and demonstrate a deep knowledge of mental health。This achievement is a great affirmation of the wisdom and efforts of the team。

Defense site

Over the years, our school has always attached great importance to the education of mental health knowledge, and has held ten consecutive psychological knowledge competitions for college students, making it a widely influential student brand activity。The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center will use this as an opportunity,Further deepen the construction of mental health education knowledge system,Constantly improve the attention of college students to mental health,Popularize mental health knowledge,Enhance psychological adjustment skills,Cultivate college students love life, cherish life, self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, optimism and upward psychological quality。

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