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In 2022, the ability training hosted by the members of the TEPCO Youth Health Peer Club was successfully concluded
2022-11-23 23:34  

In order to enrich the professional knowledge and hosting skills of the members of the Dongdian Youth Health Peer Club,Effectively enhance the ability to implement youth health projects,November 20, 2022,The psychological counseling center invited Mr. Wang Xiaoming, head of the youth health project of Jilin City, to carry out an online training for the members,Members of our school's Youth Health Peer Club participated in the activity。

In this training, Teacher Wang brought us three aspects of content, respectively: the introduction of the "youth and health" work of the China Family Planning Association, the operation training of commonly used contraceptive methods and the operation and skills training of "wildfire game"。

First of all, Teacher Wang introduced the reason and working system of the "Youth and Health" project, and used a large number of data to reaffirm the importance and necessity of sex education。Teacher Wang emphasized that the "Youth and health" project is not a simple introduction of knowledge, but requires the host to uphold the concept of respect, equality and trust, and invite students to participate in the activity, so as to achieve the effect of experience, perception and internalization, and ultimately achieve the purpose of making students consciously safeguard reproductive health。Let the members of the youth peer club once again clearly realize that strengthening youth health education is of great significance to the growth and development of students, and gradually feel the great responsibility on their own。

next,Teacher Wang introduced various contraceptive methods and characteristics,And showed the correct use of condoms,Emphasizing that contraception is a shared responsibility of both sexes;Rational desire to control,Keeping clean is also an important means of contraception and staying away from sexually transmitted diseases,Horizontal sorting of contraceptive knowledge was realized,The educational effect of vertical transmission of correct values。Finally, Mr. Wang guided the operation process of "Wildfire game" in detail for everyone, and explained the problems that may occur in the process in detail。Mr. Wang's teaching content is profound and simple, the data is detailed and professional, and the truth is thought-provoking, which deepens the members' understanding of the youth health project, enriche everyone's knowledge reserve of youth health, and improves the members' group counseling ability。After class, everyone said that we must give full play to the effectiveness of peer education, and drive more students to enter the youth health education, so that everyone can have no regrets and healthy growth!

Next, Dongdian Youth Health Peer Society will be supported by various departments such as psychological counseling center and school hospital,Carry out a series of activities of youth health project,Carry out comprehensive and in-depth youth health education for students,Let more students learn youth health knowledge through the right way,Have a healthy life,To contribute to the construction of a healthy and harmonious society。


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