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2024 International Day of Happiness - Yingying Spring, Happy Departure series of activities will start soon!
2024-03-05 11:41  

March 20, 2024 marks the 12th International Day of Happiness。In order to guide students to think and define their own happiness and improve students' subjective well-being, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center will carry out a series of psychological activities in March in the whole school with the theme of "Yingdong Spring, Happy Departure"。

(1) "The rising Spring,Happy departure "psychological theme class meeting 01 Class meeting time March 5 - March 15 02 class meeting content in order to guide students to know happiness, find happiness, feel happiness,Enhance subjective well-being, Level 23 psychological committee members need to carry out in the class to "move spring.,Happy departure "as the theme of the psychological class meeting。03 Class meeting requirements (1) In order to ensure that the psychological committee members effectively carry out the psychological class meeting, at 20:30 on March 5, Zhang Fuxu, teacher of the psychological center, carried out online training on the psychological theme of "International Happiness Day" for the psychological committee members of the whole school, Tencent conference number (576600139)。(2) The psychology committee shall complete the psychological class meeting within the prescribed time, and the class meeting shall invite the class teacher to participate。(3) The psychology committee member should edit 3-5 minutes of wonderful class meeting clips, 3-5 class meeting pictures and write a summary of the psychological class meeting。(4) Each college shall carefully organize and continuously follow up to ensure that the class meeting is carried out in high quality。Summary of psychology class meeting and video photos of 1-3 outstanding classes selected from each school should be sent to 1293021621@qq before March。(5) According to the quality of the psychological center, the "Dongdian Psychology" wechat public platform shows excellent psychological class meetings;Show that each person in the class can get a conduct point (the specific point value is determined by each school)。

(2) "The rising spring,"Happy Departure" Outdoor Activity Time and place 11:30-13:00, March 18, the square in front of the Second Teaching Hall of the old Campus;15:30-17:00 Activities at the square in front of the third canteen of the new Campus (1) Publicity area -- Read and receive the activity card for happiness (the back of the card has a stamp area);blessedness,Just say it out loud,In front of the happiness Reading board,Read happiness knowledge,It includes the origin of the International Day of Happiness and ways to build daily happiness,Feel full of happiness in the thick spring。(2) Perception area - Happiness writing How should happiness be defined?Everyone has their own unique understanding of this。Happiness can be looking up at the sky and clouds, it can be a hug to a good friend, it can be walking with a good friend, chatting with a good friend, it can be taking the initiative to smile and greet the people around, it can also be taking a picture that you think is beautiful。In the happiness section, write about your vision of happiness。(3) Experience area - Happiness scraping happiness does not need to be vigorous, more subtle daily。In the happiness scraping link, by scraping the happiness coating, scraping out their own "small true happiness", feel the tiny happiness in life。(4) Gift area - Happiness take students to complete the relevant tasks according to the rules of the game, you can get a clearance stamp;Collect 3 customs clearance stamps, you can get a happiness gift。The prizes are rich and varied, and come to the scene to feel your unexpected encounter with happiness。

(3) "Spring, Happy Departure" Happiness collection plan activity time from March 5 to March 15 activities collect original works with the theme of "happiness", the content is healthy, positive and optimistic, and use the works to record the happiness of life and tell their feelings about happiness。Work form and requirements (1) Photograph: Photography is not limited。Single or group photos can be taken;(2) Video: The shooting method is not limited, the duration is controlled within 3 minutes;(3) Article: No limitation on genre, no more than 1500 words。(4) Please send your works to 1572945605@qq before March (In the email subject remarks College, class, name, contact number)。(1) The number of awards shall be set according to the quantity and quality of the submitted works;(2) The list of winners will be announced in the form of tweets on the wechat public platform of "Tepco Psychology";(3) This activity is a school-level activity, and the bonus points are subject to the requirements of each school。

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