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The School of Foreign Languages carried out the theme activity of "Throwing away Bad Mood" 5.25 Mental Health Festival and I Do Something for my classmates
2024-05-25 22:22  

In order to create a united, healthy and friendly campus atmosphere and face the confusion and troubles in life with a positive and healthy attitude,Through practical activities, students can feel the power of life and deeply understand the idea that clear water and green mountains are gold hills and silver mountainsThe Mandarin School is open to all students5221135"Throw away bad emotions" was launched at the gate of the three canteens.5·25Mental Health Festival, attended by more than 500 people。

The students actively participated in this activity and formed a long line in front of the display board。Throw out is a sandbag, take back is infinite happiness, will worry and bad mood all thrown out of the mindclassmatesPick up the sandbag, adjust the breathing, focus on the target, the students who shot the end of the go to the registration office, according to their scores to receive the corresponding prize, while the students who failed to hit the head will gently shake their heads, and then quickly adjust their mentality, ready to try again。All kinds of cartoon patterns of small fans, cute small plaster dolls, can personally observe the growth of green plants sprout paper, simple building blocks doll and other small gifts also make students feel full of vitality and natural beauty, the scene is full of relaxed and pleasant atmosphere。

This provides a safe and effective emotional release space for the majority of students, which not only correctly guides the students to calmly face negative emotions and get out of emotional internal friction, but also enables students to get close to nature and feel the call through aesthetic education such as green plants and building blocks, thus stimulating students' creativity and imagination for beauty。In the future, the School of Foreign Languages will continue to strengthen mental health education, carry out related activities regularly, and provide more mental health support and help for students。

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